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I designed this site back in December of 2010. Essentially it's a site that allows you to send webtexts from your carrier, if they support web texts. It was a service exclusive to Irish carriers, and became quite popular due to its simple interface over that of the carriers interface.

Due to high maintainance costs, i.e., Carriers continously changing their web based interface, which my site depends on, I canceled the project in January 2012. It was a great project while it lasted, and I wish to thank all those who showed their appreciation for it!

Webdesign last work
Webdesign last work

WebTexter: Login Page

As you can see, the website is very minimal. The main concept behind it was that a user should be able to send a sms in less than 3 clicks. I made it very clear that the site does not save the users password on my servers, it simply saves the session as a cookie in the users browser.

I designed the site myself using my own graphics and color scheme. I used subtle tones and large text to make the experience easier on the users eyes.

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WebTexter: Main Page

The main page simply consited of a large sms input box, and 5 receipitant boxes to the right of it. Each receipitant box had a built in phonebook.

If a user has a contact name saved, they simply start to type the contacts name and a auto complete popup with matching contacts appears below. Alternatively, the user can simply enter a mobile number into the box.

I also included a large characters remaining counter above the sms input box.

Webdesign last work
Webdesign last work

WebTexter: Message Sent Page

After the user clicks send, they are brought to a confirmation page, which also gives them the oportunity to save the contact. When designing a logo for the site I wanted to create something that would make people happy. I thought nothing better than a smiling cloud :)

The [Fake Send] status would display [Sending] or [Sent] when the site was fully functional.