Super Arcada

Super Arcada II

Super Arcada II adds more pixelated features and even more games! Now includes 8 games: Ping, Copter, Blox, Glow Worm, Pop Corn, Stackr, Red Vs Blue and Bounce Bash.

Available on all iOS and Android devices

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Minesweeper 3D

A 3D version of the classic Minesweeper game I designed using HTML5

This game requires a HTML5 compatible browser. If the game does not work, please download the latest version of Firefox, or update your current browser.

Click here to play Minesweeper 3D

Webdesign last work


I designed this site back in December of 2010. Essentially it's a site that allows you to send webtexts from your carrier, if they support web texts. It was a service exclusive to Irish carriers, and became quite popular due to its simple interface over that of the carriers interface.

Due to high maintainance costs, i.e., Carriers continously changing their web based interface, which my site depends on, I canceled the project in January 2012. It was a great project while it lasted, and I wish to thank all those who showed their appreciation for it!

Click here for more details and screenshots