Matrix Display

Built using game-engine technology, PXL Player features a beautiful dot-matrix display with a resolution smaller than a nokia 3510!



Turn your phone into an awesome visualizer with built-in visualisations, or see your album art like never before through PXL Players dot-matrix display.



PXL Player would be nothing without good quality sound. Which is why we've built our audio engine from the ground up, featuring low-latency gapless audio as standard!

8bit dot-matrix display. See your album art like never before.

Music is unique, individual and inspiring, which is why we felt it needed an entirely new platform to play on. PXL Player features an entierly new UI which has been tailor purposed for music, allowing you to experience your music the way it was meant to be, simple, abstract and beautiful.

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Choose your style. With built-in themes, pixel styles and more.

Get to grips with our one of a kind dot-matrix display by changing the pixel shape, size or overall color tone. Why not set your own style with one of our built-in themes.

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Choose your sound. With multiple-band presets and custom EQs.

Don't settle for generic built-in sound quality. With PXL Player you can chose from multiple presets, which are specificaly tailored for each device! If you can't find the right sound, just create your own with our EQ customiser.

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